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About Pure Food Essentials

Coming from a farming background Pure Food Essentials was established after many years of growing, selling and promoting fresh organic spices such as turmeric, ginger, and galangal on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland Australia.

Now sourced directly from the rich fertile mountain regions of northern India our organic foods are grown, harvested, and processed on site thus ensuring the best quality product for you and your family.

Organic certification is without the use of synthesized fertilizers or pesticides and only sustainable farming methods are used. No genetically modified products are used ensuring the continued availability of traditionally grown foods for generations to come.  

Available under our own label in retail packs and in bulk, go to our organic food store online for details.

Our product range has grown to include the largest grower and supplier of herbs and spices to the world, INDIA. Some 65% of the worlds spices are supplied by India and with approximately  95% of the worlds turmeric supplies, it is ‘The Land of Spice’.

Pure essential organic foods are basic ingredients for any meal prepared from the start with any of the following ingredients, rice and spices, dried fruit and nuts, seeds and flour,  cereals and sugar.


Turmeric Plus is an over the counter dietary supplement and is closely associated with Pure Food Essentials. To find out more about Turmeric Plus please visit



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National Association of
Sustainable Agriculture

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