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Organic spices and gluten free flours with fresh food make delicious healthy meals


A pinch of this, a teaspoon of that... cooking with spices adds layers of fabulous flavour. Our range of tantalising spices add natural flavour to your meals. Quality organic spices are a healthy alternative to packet and ready-made sauces, beacause they don't contain any fillers, salt, sugar or added anything! Full of natural minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients, they are really good for you and really good for your family.

Whole gluten-free flours offer exciting alternatives to wheat. Ancient grains are modern again, offering gut-friendly choices for people with digestive problems. Blend and experiment to bake your favourite breads, cakes, pastas and treats.


All organic, all gluten-free, all gut friendly!


The Pure Food Essentials team are an ethical bunch of people driven to provide you with healthy eating options and friendly, easy service. We're happy to help you make good food choices and always welcome your enquiries.We take our customers and our products very seriously. We keep our quality high and the prices low so that you can feed your family and friends fabulous food using the healthiest ingredients. Products are selected with our customer's needs foremost in our minds. Our aim is to source healthy, gut-friendly foods for everyone, and especially people on vegan, gluten-free, low FODMAP and paleo diets.

"SPICES, the friend of physicians and the pride of cooks". Charlemagne

• Gluten Free    • Non-Irradiated   • No Additives   • No Fillers



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