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Pure Food Essentials has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the product information within this site, however we are unable to verify the information provided by the individual manufacturers. Occasionally packaging, dietary classifications and ingredients could change and we may not always be up to date with the manufacturer’s new information. We encourage you to read product labels and product information carefully. We take no responsibility for content provided on those products or sites. It is your responsibility to ensure that the products you purchase are suitable for their intended use.


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You are encouraged to consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns about yours or any other person’s medical condition, before starting any health or nutritional related treatment.  Information on this site is of a general nature only.


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Out of Stock Products

Pure Food Essentials products can from time to time be out of stock due to demand and seasonal fluctuations. Any products that are out of stock or limited will be marked as such on the website.  If a product you have ordered and indeed paid for is out of stock we will contact you immediately and offer an alternative or a refund for this particular out of stock item.     


Order Changes

We usually pick, pack and dispatch orders within 24 hours. Please ensure you have everything you need. By clicking the 'I accept the Terms & Conditions box' and the 'Confirm Order' your order will be processed and cannot be changed or added to once submitted. All order payments are processed on our secure merchant facility and this process incurs irreversible fees. If an order is canceled a full refund will be issued minus any transaction fees incurred by us.



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Our exclusive range of certified organic products are sourced directly from the rich fertile mountain regions of Northern India. Each product is harvested according to season, processed, packaged and sealed to ensure freshness and maintain superior quality.


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35 Hi-Tech Drive
Kunda Park, QLD, 4556


Our growing range of products includes spices, rice, seeds, flours, cereals, rapadura sugar, and our unique Turmeric Paste. These are all grown sustainably by local farmers and have been throughout generations, employing whole communities to provide the world with exotic, aromatic flavours.


Thank you so much for the super speedy spice delivery- it's here already

Thanks Peter.  Very good result, the outcome you want to see. 
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