Aches and Pains? Old Injuries Come Back to Haunt Us

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:20 April 2019 

Are you suffering from aching joints?

Those old injuries come back to haunt us as we age. Those old netball knees, tennis elbows, or lower backs, strained from not knowing how to lift properly when we were 18!  And if it’s not the old injuries, it’s new ones that just won’t settle after a month of massage or physiotherapy. We certainly don’t recover as quickly as we used to. Aches and pains tend to linger longer. And when we favour one part of our body, it seems that everything else starts to hurt. I’ll take a pain-killer once or twice to get me through the worst, but this really does me no good in the longer term.

Whilst we have some heavy drugs available to us to ease our aches and pains, many of them come with side-effects, or are effective or recommended for only a limited time. So, what can we do in the long-term, not just to get us moving again, but to help keep our joints free of pain?


Regular Daily Exercise

Of course, depending on the extent of the pain, keeping our bodies moving is vital. The longer we sit, the tighter and less mobile our joints become. There’s nothing like the weightlessness of water. Taking the weight off all of my joints by laying back into a float in a swimming pool, I find is such a relief. Stretching tight and painful joints while in water is a gentle approach. Plenty of Physiotherapists run Hydrotherapy classes. My 90-year-old Mum does two gentle classes every week. Get in touch with your local public pool to find out what’s on offer. Alternatively, a daily walk, however short, will ensure that you don’t seize up completely.


A Healthy Diet

There’s nothing better you can do for yourself than to eat well. Not huge quantities, and not foods that will add more weight to your already burdened joints. Eating well means fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, some meat, (if that’s your preference), whole grains…every day! Be rid of all the high-fat, sugar-laden, low- nutrition foods. I know that for some people, this requires a big shift in habits, but if you seriously want to be free of aches and pains, it’s well worth the sacrifice!


A Safe and Effective Supplement

Turmeric has been found to reduce inflammation. PFE’s Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid supplement contains Curcumin C3Complex, a concentrated form of the active parts of turmeric. If you are looking for safe and effective relief from aches and pain, then this just may be what you are looking for. Talk to your health specialist about taking this turmeric herbal supplement, and send them here for more information.