Turmeric Basics. Cooking Healthy Meals with Turmeric

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:8 February 2021 

Are you trawling the web looking for how to cook basic meals with turmeric? Just like ginger or garlic in a jar, Pure Food Essentials Turmeric Paste is a convenient staple ingredient. It makes it easy to cook healthy meals with turmeric. Use it in all your favourite recipes; as a marinade, a sauce, a curry or stir-fry base, in soups and in casseroles. Recipes for Golden Paste are all over the web, but Pure Food Essentials Turmeric Paste is not Golden Paste. We’re not about food trends. We’re about wholesome, healthy cooking ingredients.

Turmeric - Another Layer of Flavour

Using high quality spices in your regular cooking is not a trend, but a wise culinary and health choice. Spices certainly add another layer of complexity to your cooking. Turmeric adds a rich, earthy flavour, and vibrant colour to your dishes. Think turmeric infused rice, or baked cauliflower with a turmeric crust, or turmeric marinated pork fillet. These are normally drab-looking foods. Add Pure Food Essentials Turmeric Paste, and you have a stunning looking dish.

But Pure Food Essentials is not about appearances either. We’re about supplying ingredients which are good for you; ingredients that sing with good health and nutrition. Turmeric Paste is an easy-to-use ingredient made from whole turmeric rhizomes, a little vinegar, salt and citric acid for stability. It delivers the whole range of turmeric health benefits in every spoonful. Use it in all your family meals, as a marinade, a sauce, a curry or stir-fry base. Add it to soups and casseroles too.

Pure Food Essentials is all about sourcing the best quality organic whole foods and spices so you can confidently use them in your everyday cooking. If you’ve tried turmeric ice cream, or turmeric yoghurt or latte, then perhaps you’ve already sensed that these are fads that will be short lived. The turmeric flavour shouldn’t dominate any dish. The trending turmeric yoghurts and ice-creams and lattes are trying to make a star out of an ingredient that is best in the background, as another layer of flavour..

Once you start using Turmeric Paste in your cooking, you’ll realise how easy it is to make your meals appetising and healthy. Check out our Recipes page for some great ideas.

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