Fennel Seeds- A Natural Remedy for Baby’s Colic

Author: Shelley Bennetts  

Does your baby suffer from pain after feeding?  You will both benefit from knowing that Fennel Seeds are a natural remedy for colic and griping pain. Having a baby in pain is one of the hardest things a mum has to deal with. While a bottle-fed baby can be coaxed to drink a very mild fennel seed infusion, a nursing mum can just drink the tea herself. A nursing baby will get the soothing benefits through the mother’s milk.

What Causes Colic Pain?

Colic is caused by spasms of the intestines associated with gas and tension, and often follows rushed or tense feeding times. The pain causes young babies such discomfort that they will scream for relief. You’ll find they have a tense and bloated abdomen. There are other things you can try, or maybe you already have, like cycling their legs, massaging, and holding them upright. Fennel seeds are another thing you can add to your colic toolbox. 

How Does Fennel Work for Colic?

Fennel is a carminative, a remedy which supports the digestive system by regulating spasms in the gut. Fennel will help to soothe and settle your babe’s gut wall, easing the griping pains that are making it so uncomfortable. It will help to remove the gas from your baby’s digestive tract.

How to Make Fennel Tea

So, if your precious babe suffers from the symptoms of colic there’s a simple and cheap natural remedy. Make a fennel infusion by adding one teaspoon of fennel seeds to 250ml of boiling water. Cover and steep for 30 minutes. Sip on this before you feed, or at intervals throughout the day. One cup, three times a day is recommended. A bonus is that fennel seeds promote the production of mother’s milk! 

Alternatively, a dropper full of this infusion can be added to a bottle of breast milk or formula or water, and fed to the baby. Three droppers full per day is recommended.

So, for your sanity and baby’s tummy comfort, get into the habit of making a daily pot of fennel tea.


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