Convenient Turmeric Paste

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:3 December 2018 

Wouldn't you love the earthy goodness of turmeric in a convenient paste ready to spoon straight into your cooking? We should all be eating turmeric daily as a regular part of our diet, and using the whole root in our food is by far the best way to consume it. Fresh is best, but it’s not always available. It’s also such a messy ingredient to use and will almost certainly stain all your utensils, your fingers and your chopping board. Turmeric Paste is a ready-to-use ingredient for cooking, just like garlic and ginger in a jar. 

Turmeric Paste for Golden Milk

I know that golden milk is popular, but PFE Turmeric Paste is for cooking with whole turmeric, not for making golden milk! It’s all a little confusing, but to simplify, the recipes you’ll find for making turmeric paste are for making a soothing bedtime drink. They use turmeric powder as the base and the result is, well, pasty. Yet other turmeric paste recipes suggest adding pepper and coconut oil for bioavailability. While that’s been proven effective, when I cook I prefer to add my ingredients separately and to taste.

Turmeric Paste for Cooking

PFE Turmeric Paste is a blend of whole turmeric root, oil, a little salt, vinegar and citric acid. These natural ingredients keep the product stable, so it will keep in your fridge ready for use. It’s a beautiful ingredient for cooking and so very simple to use. Simply spoon it straight from the jar into your pot. You can substitute turmeric powder for PFE Turmeric Paste to any recipe that calls for turmeric. Use it in stews, soups, marinades, meat rubs, stir-fries and definitely in your curries. It makes cooking with whole turmeric just that little bit more convenient, so you’ll find it easier to cook with turmeric daily.

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