5 Ways to Use Arrowroot Flour in Your Daily Diet

Author: Michelle Scott   Date Posted:19 July 2021 

Using arrowroot flour in your kitchen


Arrowroot flour is a gluten free and grain free product that is compatible with a myriad of diets for the health conscious including Paleo and Low FODMAP. Also referred to as arrowroot starch and arrowroot powder, it comes from the Maranta arundinacea plant. It is an easily digested high fibre ingredient that is easy on sensitive bellies and a healthy option for children. It is high in potassium, iron and B vitamins.


Arrowroot Flour is also used as a replacement for the highly processed and genetically modified (GMO) corn starch (cornflour) and interchangeable with tapioca in most recipes.


Arrowroot goes a long way so be sure to use it sparingly. It is also best to add the arrowroot at the end of the cooking process as it loses its consistency at high heat levels.



Ratios for replacing flour and cornflour with arrowroot

1 tblsp plain wheat flour 1 tsp arrowroot
1 1/2 tsp corn starch (cornflour) 2 tsp arrowroot flour



  1. Arrowroot flour is a highly effective thickener for your fruit sauces. It makes a lovely shiny, clear sauce unlike corn starch which can give you a cloudy finish. Try this delicious raspberry coulis on a baked cheesecake or with yoghurt or ice cream. 

  2. Gravy or jus benefit from the smoothness of arrowroot. It gives them a sleek, classy, glossy finish. It is also a healthy, modern alternative for thickening brown sauces, stews and casseroles. When you are using arrowroot make a slurry and cool the liquid in your dish a little before adding it. Make sure you use it sparingly at there is nothing worse than a lumpy claggy finish.

  3. Arrowroot crepes are light, flexible and easy to handle. Ensure you make a thin batter so you can fill and roll your crepes easily. Use your favourite sweet or savoury filling and experiment with different types of milk to better suit your diet requirements and taste. Licorice powder can be a good alternative to sugar so try adding some to your batter before cooking for a sweet licorice crepe.

  4. Dusting baked vegetables with arrowroot flour gives them an extra crisp finish. Season your vegetables with oil, salt and pepper and spices of your choice. Dust them lightly with arrowroot flour and toss them to get an even covering. Cook them in a medium hot oven. Try dusting these sweet potato fries just before baking.

  5. Arrowroot is a very digestible starch and great for young children and the elderly. Arrowroot biscuits have been around for decades and are an old-time favourite. As children my siblings and I ate them with a little butter sandwiched in-between and they are still a good option for school lunches.

    Arrowroot can also be used as a safe and cost-effective alternative to talcum and baby powders. It is derived from plants rather than mined talcum making for a much more sustainable product.


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