Amaranth Flour - from a flower seed

Author: Shelley Bennetts  

Amaranth Flour - from a flower seed

Are you looking for organic, gluten-free flours for all your family and friends to enjoy? Amaranth flour is a great gluten-free alternative to plain flour in recipes that don’t require rising. You can use 100% Amaranth flour in any recipe for pancakes, gluten free biscuits, flat breads, or pastas. 

Although Amaranth looks like a grain and acts like a grain, it isn’t a grain at all, but a humble little seed. It’s an ancient food plant that’s making a come-back.  

Its growing popularity is due to its whole-grain nutrition. Amaranth contains all nine essential amino acids, and lysine, a protein missing in most grains. Being the most protein-rich of all the gluten-free grains, it adds protein punch to paleo, vegan and vegetarian diets. It’s also is a good source of iron, magnesium, calcium, folate and phosphorus. The flavour of Amaranth is earthy and peppery. 

Try this basic amaranth pasta recipe with your favourite pasta sauce.