Arrowroot Starch. So Many Ways to Use It!

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:12 July 2018 

Do you wonder what the hell do people do with Arrowroot starch? Well, for starters, it’s an organic, GMO-free alternative to corn starch. It’s also gluten-free and grain-free, so it’s a versatile ingredient for those on a restricted or paleo diet. Arrowroot starch is also a popular ingredient in natural skin care products, and for soothing wounds and skin conditions. 

Pure Food Essentials organic Arrowroot starch is a light, white powder, so fine that it squeaks when rubbed between your fingers. It’s a versatile product, as valuable in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen.

Arrowroot Starch for Thickening foods

Corn starch is the usual thickening agent in most traditional cooking, but if you want to thicken sauces, gravies, jams, soups without the use of this often genetically modified starch, then arrowroot is the answer. You should make a slurry of arrowroot and water before adding to foods for thickening. Arrowroot starch also makes clear, shimmering fruit gels without gelatin, and prevents ice crystals from forming in homemade ice cream. You'll find that it thickens at a lower temperature than flour or corn starch, is not weakened by acidic ingredients, has a more neutral taste, and is not affected by freezing.

Arrowroot Starch for Paleo Crepes

These Paleo crepes  are paleo, gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, tree-nut-free, soy-free and nightshade-free. You can fill them, roll them or fold them, and freeze them. And, you only need 4 ingredients (plus a sweetener if you’re making desert crepes).

Arrowroot Starch for Orange Blossom Ice Cream

I’ve never made ice-cream, but according to one professional ice cream maker, arrowroot works spectacularly as a base, imparting a ‘nice chewiness and mouth feel’.  This ice cream is light in terms of calories – no cream, no eggs … just milk, sugar and Arrowroot. It’s his new favourite ingredient for making Sicilian gelato-style ice cream. And, he says it’s basically foolproof! For those of you who love exotic treats, Orange Blossom Gelato could just be your next favourite.

Arrowroot Starch for Gluten-free, Paleo Pizza Crusts

Want a paleo pizza base  that actually stays together when you pick it up… like a REAL pizza? Try this arrowroot, coconut milk, cider vinegar and egg pizza base recipe from the Merry-maker Sisters book of tricks. Top it off with whatever you fancy.

Arrowroot Starch for Making Homemade Skin Care Products

Arrowroot can be used as a base for home-made cosmetics, such as face powder and foundation. It helps to dry out blemishes and keep your skin clear. Because of its moisture-absorbing properties, Arrowroot is also used as a base for natural deodorants.

Arrowroot Starch for Skin Conditions, and Nappy Rash

Arrowroot is predominantly known for its soothing properties. It’s a natural healer for small irritations, and helps with the drying out of wounds, rashes or blemishes. Arrowroot is anti-inflammatory and can work as an antiseptic, making it perfect for irritated areas such as burns, rashes and sores.
It’s the perfect alternative for baby powder. It has efficient moisture-absorbing qualities, absolutely no additives, is inexpensive, and is soothing on tender baby bottoms.

Arrowroot Starch for Baby and Invalid Foods

Arrowroot starch can be used to make teething biscuits for tender mouths. When baked, arrowroot biscuits become very hard, and don’t break easily, even when bashed on a high-chair. You can also make arrowroot crackers using chicken broth for added nutrition.
So, you see, Arrowroot is a really versatile product. Making the switch from corn flour to organic Arrowroot starch is a healthy choice. Look for Pure Food Essentials products in your Health Food Store, and in selected independent grocers.
Thanks to Jane’s Healthy Kitchen, The Merry Makers and Ice Cream Nation for some fabulous recipes.
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