Basmati Rice. The Finest Aromatic Long-Grain Rice.

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:18 July 2018 

Basmati is the finest quality aromatic long-grain rice variety in the world. It’s a variety traditionally grown on the Indian sub-continent where it has been perfected over many centuries. The beautiful aroma of Basmati, and it’s fluffy, no-stick texture is what makes it a prized addition to so many dishes. 
Have you noticed how Basmati rice doesn’t clump up and become gluggy like so many other rice varieties? And, whilst in many countries the price of Basmati rice means that it is reserved only for special occasions, most of us can afford to choose Basmati over other, less expensive varieties.

The Best Rice for Cooking Indian Dishes

What would a good curry be without Basmati rice? Or a or biryani or pilaf, or even Spanish rice? Flavorsome and fluffy separate grains are what these dishes need and what makes them so delicious. It’s so disappointing when the rice in dishes like these are gummed together. It’s either the way the rice has been cooked, or the variety of rice used that causes such unappetizing failures. If you are cooking a dish that requires the grains to be light and separate, then Basmati is the perfect choice. 

Whilst in some countries rice makes up the bulk of their food intake, we are spoilt for choice in Australia. We can rely on an abundance of fresh food to provide us with our necessary nutrition and use rice mainly as an accompaniment. 

Rice and Spices as Star Ingredients

There are however, some dishes which make rice the star ingredient. And, who doesn’t love a one-pot meal? For a rice side dish, this Spanish/ Mexican dish is full of flavour and a cinch to make. And, this slow-cooker Chicken Biryani recipe is great for feeding a lot of people and will fill the house with a spectacular aroma. It's a dish often made for traditional Indian feasts and features the combination of aromatic Basmati rice and spices. This recipe includes meat, but a vegetarian option can be adapted. Providing you have Basmati rice, some fresh vegetables and herbs and a good selection of organic spices, you’ll be able to whip up a filling and flavorful meal. 


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