Black Pepper. King of All Spices

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:3 July 2018 

I am a fan of the big flavor of whole black pepper. As well as adding a spiky flavor to food, the health benefits of black pepper justify my heavy use. Black pepper is the ‘King of Spices’, valued in kitchens all over the world for the aroma and the depth of flavour it adds to just about every savoury dish. You need the best black peppercorns for the fullest, punchiest flavor.

My grinder is set on chunky, so I get crunchy hits through whatever I’m eating. I love it on avocado. I love it loaded onto my garlic and anchovy pasta. I love it in my curries, stir fries, casseroles and I love a heavy layer of it on my pumpkin soup.

There’s hardly a savoury recipe that doesn’t call for some black pepper. If you think about it, you probably use it in most of your dishes too. If you do, I hope that you are using the best black pepper you can buy. All the little things count if you want to make the healthiest meals for yourself and your family. I’m a great believer in making sure that everything in my pantry is the best quality that I can afford. Spices are not expensive, and stale ones won’t do your health, or the flavor of your food any good at all. I highly recommend buying organic spices, and the Pure Food Essentials spice range are punchy-fresh.

The Best Black Pepper Corns

Peter (our CEO), picked these peppers for the Pure Food Essentials range! He visited the co-operative farmers who grow these crops in the rich, fertile mountains of Northern India; in clean air, with pristine Himalayan water. They grow the pepper vines as they have done for centuries…organically and with great passion.

It’s useful to know that while there are many different colours of pepper, they all come from the same plant. The pepper plant produces clusters of berries which are harvested at different stages of maturity to produce different colours. Black peppercorns come from immature reddish-brown berries, fermented and dried in the sun. They become black as they dry out, and they are the most pungent of all pepper types. The best black peppercorns are heavy, round and compact.

Black Pepper Checklist

Whole black peppercorns can be dry stored for many years and ground when necessary. However, they will go moldy and stale if they are exposed to light and moisture. If it’s time to replenish your whole black pepper supply, firstly buy organic. The price is a little more, but you are guaranteed a clean product. Secondly, check the Use By Date to make sure they are as fresh as you can get. Thirdly, make sure they are robust berries. And lastly, store them in a dry place away from sunlight.

If like me, you are a fan of the flavor of black pepper, you will love this Pepper Paneer dish. It has a unique aroma that comes from the combination of fennel seeds, pepper corns and curry leaves. The heat of the dish comes only from black pepper corns. And the fennel is used to neutralize the heat from the pepper.

Now, set your grinder to chunky and get crackin!