Brown Rice Flour. The Smell of Chocolate Brownie Decadence.

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:18 October 2018 

For chocolate decadence, there’s nothing like a great chocolate brownie. I don’t claim to be a great baker, in fact I’ve had so many baking disasters that I shy away from making cakes. Cooking savoury food is more my thing. But, when I found a recipe for Chocolate Brownies made with Brown Rice Flour, I had to give it my best shot…in the interests of research!

This recipe has such amazing ingredients that the result just had to be good. Apart from Brown Rice flour, which is great for those with gluten intolerance, everything I used was organic and scrumptious. I had beautiful double yolk eggs, fine dark chocolate, pure, luscious maple syrup, a vanilla extract made by a friend, and pure cacao powder, all begging to be turned into something gorgeous. In my mind I'd already captured the smell of chocolate decadence.

I was very particular with my measuring and mixing, ensuring that my attempt wasn’t a classic Shelley baking disaster! When it was ready to go into the oven I was proud of my effort and I knew that I may have a chance of redeeming myself as a baker in Pete’s eyes. I just had to get the oven up to the correct temperature, pop it in, and wait for the magic to happen.


For half an hour I waited, and still the oven struggled to get to the required 200 degrees. If only I’d had a thermometer. Impatience got the better of me, and I popped it in regardless. I checked the clock to gauge the time to take it out, and went about my other work, determined not to open the oven door for a peek. Are you beginning to get the picture? Oh, by the way, the oven light doesn’t work.

The Smell of Chocolate Brownie Decadence

The aromas of all those ingredients were filling the house, wafting past my nose and making the wait unbearable. The temperature light still hadn’t gone out, which implied that the oven would not be as hot as it should be. Not to come undone, I waited.

At the designated time, I cautiously opened the oven door.

My heart sank.

I thought of all previous cake disasters and added this to the list. How could I possibly have burnt all those spectacular ingredients?  This time it was the oven’s fault. Really. The thermostat must be dead.

I’ll give it another shot when I’ve recovered from the blow to my ego. And, perhaps I’d better get the oven fixed first too. In the meantime, Pete is rather enjoying little morsels of burnt brownie, salvaged after I sliced the top off. I can only imagine that it’s a great recipe, just waiting for the right person, and the right oven. Please give it a try yourself and let me know if it’s as good as it smelt! 

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