Cardamom and Coffee. A Perfect Combination

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:28 August 2019 

We’ve had a delivery of freshly ground Cardamom and the smell is so gorgeous that I’m inspired to do something with it. The aroma is exotic and luxurious. I want to inhale deeply to enjoy the smell with every breath. It’s like when I open a bag of ground coffee for the first time. I want to stick my face into the bag and seal it so that none of the preciousness escapes! If you like your coffee with a twist, hold back on the whiskey and instead of an Irish coffee, try a Middle Eastern one instead! 

The two powerful smells of coffee and cardamom transport me to a bustling street bazaar where turbaned men are pouring coffee or ‘gahwa’, from great heights into tiny cups from elaborate silver pots. It’s somewhere I’ve never been but have a vaguely romantic feeling for, perhaps from reading ‘The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul”. 

While I don’t have a ‘dallah’, the special Arabic coffee pot, I do have a plunger, some good quality coffee, and a 25kg bag of freshly ground cardamom. Cardamom coffee coming up! In my 2-cup plunger I put my ground coffee along with a teaspoon of ground cardamom. Of course, you could grind whole cardamom pods for a more intense cardamom flavour. 

I get a blast of the combined smells as I pour the water in, and it’s heavenly. Leaving it to brew for 5 minutes is painful, but necessary to get a strong infusion. More of the deliciousness escapes as I plunge, and pour a cup, just for myself. 

Cardamom is an exotic, heady spice, derived from the seed pod of a plant related to turmeric and ginger. Cardamom tea is popular in India and is a vital component of what we know as spiced ‘chai’. It’s used in baked desserts and in curry blends, in mulled wine and in stewed fruits. 

So, my cup is poured, a little honey is added, and as I sip, the fusion of aromas is divine. As someone who likes a strong coffee brew, the addition of a teaspoon of cardamom takes my coffee pleasure to another level! One day perhaps I’ll be treated to a traditional cardamom coffee in a Middle Eastern bazaar, but for now I’m very content.  



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