Fenugreek. Old Remedies for Breast-Feeding and Expectant Mums

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:17 September 2018 

Are you are looking for natural ways to treat yourself and your babe? It's not a bad thing to go back to old remedies to deal with the discomforts of pregnancy and motherhood. It seems that most of you are looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceutical preparations where possible. Many young expectant and breast-feeding mums have woken up to the health benefits of spices and wholefoods as natural solutions to just about everything!.   


I wish I’d known about Fennel seeds for baby colic, Arrowroot starch for nappy rash, Fenugreek seeds for milk production, and Ginger for nausea. If my Grandma (born circa 1900) had been around, I bet she would have taught me. How much we have un-learned in a couple of generations staggers me. 


Before the days of pharmaceuticals, for every ailment there was an herbal infusion, a poultice or a remedy somewhere in the pantry! Their use is based on generation after generation of motherhood care. Most of the old remedies are under-researched, and you’ll struggle to find scientific explanations for why they might work. That’s because pharmaceutical companies don’t waste resources on research into natural products that can’t be patented. Pregnancy and motherhood are a wonderful, natural part of life that can be managed in the most part by natural solutions.


Natural Solutions for New Mums

There are herbs and spices to avoid during pregnancy, like chilli and fenugreek. Chilli is known to stimulate the tummy. According to the old folk tales, later in a pregnancy both chilli and fenugreek can cause contractions and kick-start labour. However, once baby is born, Fenugreek is known to support breast-feeding mums by increasing the production of milk! Lactation Cookies featuring Fenugreek seeds, and Fenugreek tea are hot favorites.

Then there’s Fennel seeds which can be brewed as a tea and sipped by feeding mums to ease baby’s colic. Read more here. And, in your pantry you’ll likely find cinnamon, cardamom, coriander seeds and ginger which will all help to reduce indigestion and that horrible bloated feeling.Arrowroot Starch replaces any fancy-pants, scented, anti-bacterial talcum powders as a simpler, cheaper, more natural way to absorb moisture and keep nappy rashes at bay. 


There’s great hope for the future of this next generation of babies whose mums are looking for natural products for everyday health problems. As a new or expectant mum, you know the problems of our artificial, over-perfumed, over- priced, over- processed everything world. You are taking the old folk tales back, adding some modern wisdom and making them your own. Go ladies! 


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