How Long Should you Store Spices?

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:14 August 2019 

Are Your Spices Fresh?

While spices make up a tiny proportion of any dish in terms of quantity, they are a huge part of the flavour. But they must be fresh, and they definitely have a Use by Date. If you store them properly, their potency will last until that due date. But, if your spices are part of your kitchen décor, stored in clear glass jars on your kitchen bench, they will lose their punch and their health benefits very quickly. Spices sold in small quantities, and from an organic source, are your best option.

If you choose to eat for optimum health, by including fresh organic spices in your family meals, you will be ensuring good absorption of nutrients, gut protection, heart health and an abundance of other proven health advantages.


Why You Should Freshen Up Your Spice Collection.

Our potent spices are guaranteed to knock your olfactory socks off when you open the bag for the first time! Their smells are potent and heady and are likely to conjure some deeply buried memories. A smell has the power to conjure up a memory of something divine, like the notes of cinnamon and cloves in Nanna’s fruit pie. Or, the exotic smells of masalas and chai wafting around markets on your first trip to Asia. Ah, the smell of fresh, potent spices! There are many reasons why you should freshen up your spice collection.

  • Organic spices are inexpensive and are sold in small quantities. So, replacing them won’t cost the earth.
  • Freshness is key to the many health benefits of spices.
  • Storage is extremely important if you value the flavours that spices bring to your food.


Organic Spices versus Conventional Spices

Whilst spices are used in cooking from many parts of the world, India remains the source of most traditional spices today. The ancient spice trade that spread these exotic flavours and scents around the world sourced their valuable cargo from India. The trade continues today, but buyers beware! Lots of tricks are used to bulk up and enhance the colours of spices, and they are often stored for a long time.  Pure Food Essentials organic spices are sourced from farmers who are given a guaranteed price for their labour. These farmers have no need to store their produce for a long time, waiting for prices to go up. The consequence of long-term storage is that flavour, colour and health benefits are lost. You can be guaranteed that there are no fillers and colours added to Pure Food Essentials organic spices. And, they are harvested, dried and processed promptly, retaining their valuable flavours and health benefits.


How to Store Spices

Pure Food Essentials organic spices come to you in a re-sealable bag. Keep the zip-lock clear of product and reseal promptly after use (Tip: Flick the top of the bag with your finger nail a couple of times to clear the zip-lock). Store in a dark place. Putting them into glass jars is fine too but make a note of the Use By Date on the packet. Don’t store them on your kitchen bench. They need to be stored away from light, or they’ll be stale and useless in no time.

To prove my point, I recommend that you take a whiff of your out-of-date spice and compare it to the smell of a freshly opened bag of Pure Food Essentials spice. I guarantee the fresh, potent spice will conjure some deep memory of the past. Now, keep your eye on the Use by Date, and replace that one too before it loses its punch. Check out the Pure Food Essentials range of organic spices online or in your local healthy food store.

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