Licorice Root is a Natural Decongestant

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:3 June 2019 

Licorice root is a powerful alternative to pharmaceutical decongestants. If you’re looking for a natural alternative, licorice root can help to relieve congestion associated with colds and flu. When herbalists, and those of us in the health food industry talk about licorice, we are referring to the root of Glycyrrhiza glabra, a plant used in many parts of the world for its health benefits and uses in cooking. Licorice spice comes from the woody root of the licorice plant. It’s got nothing at all in common with the black sticky sweet confection called licorice!

Licorice Root Tea Lifts the Weight off Your Chest

How to make a Licorice Infusion...
1 teaspoon of ground Licorice root
1 cup boiled water
Put the licorice into a cup, pour over the boiled water and stir until dissolved. 
It really couldn’t be any simpler! 


Last winter I discovered that Licorice spice can help ease congestion on my chest. I love the anise flavour of licorice, so this natural remedy for my winter cold was a great discovery. I made myself some licorice tea. Well, not really a tea, but an infusion of one teaspoon of Pure Food Essentials organic Licorice Powder and hot water. After the first few sips, it started to work its magic…I started to cough, and at the same time I felt the tightness in my chest reducing. It worked to break up the sticky phlegm that felt like the weight of a rock. Not only do I love the licorice flavour that lingers between sips, but I honestly can feel it soothing my sore chest and throat as it slips down. And, Licorice spice is naturally sweet. Claimed to be fifty times sweeter than sugar, licorice root powder in any tea blend will eliminate the need for any other sweetener.

Licorice Root Helps the Respiratory System

For centuries, licorice root powder has been used for its health benefits. It can boost immunity, soothe the stomach, relieve pain and stress, and ease symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). Importantly, licorice root is known to help the respiratory system.
If you want a natural alternative to pharmaceutical decongestants, and like the flavour of licorice, then I can highly recommend Pure Food Essentials organic Licorice powder. Nothing added, nothing taken away, just pure, ground organic Licorice root. Its intensity and ability to break up congestion is nothing short of amazing!

Something worth knowing is that the licorice root contains glycyrretic acid which is of concern for some people when consumed in large quantities. Consult your health specialist before self-medicating with natural remedies.


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