Paprika. A popular spice around the World

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:1 August 2018 

Paprika adds just a little bit of spicy zing and plenty of rich, red colour to your favourite dishes. Spices are used all over the world as a natural way to give colour and flavour to cooked foods. Apart from the flavour and colour spices give to food, the spectacular health benefits of spices make them an essential part of any vegan, vegetarian, or meat diet. Kashmiri Sweet Paprika is a mild spice for cooking and garnishing.   


Paprika is one of the most used spices around the world. From its beginnings in Mexico, it has travelled the globe, influencing many national dishes. Paprika is now a staple in most kitchens. But, there are many variations of the Paprika spice, and it seems that everyone has their favourite. If you want to know more about the different types of Paprika, you can read about what Paprika to buy or use. 


In Hungary, Paprika is considered the national spice, and it’s featured in their national dish, goulash. Hungarians also love blending it into their fish, pasta, cheeses, sweet pastries and eggs. And, in Budapest, you can buy a Paprika Pálinka, a paprika brandy!

In Mexico it’s rubbed onto meats, added to salsas and sauces, and is even used as a filling option for dishes like chile relleno (stuffed poblano pepper). 

In Argentina, a traditional dish called tortilla campesina, or a potato cake, uses paprika as a main ingredient. 

In Thailand, aside from being added to traditional Pad Thai, it’s also used for curry pastes and condiments.

In the UK, they love adding paprika to their egg dishes. 

In Germany, Paprika is mixed into soups, stews, sausages, potatoes and vegetables.

In Spain, Paprika is known as pimento. It is a main ingredient in their Spanish sausages (like chorizo) as well as in their seafood dishes, including ‘pulpo a la gallega’. They put it in their rice dishes, like paella, and in soups, stews, pork dishes, and sauces.
In Italy they use paprika for seafood sauces as well as risottos, cheeses, and even to chocolate soufflé sauce! 

In the USA, it can be found in BBQ sauces, ketchup, seasoning rubs for meat, and as a garnish for devilled eggs and potato salad.

In Africa, especially northern Africa, paprika is often used in meat dishes, like meatballs and vegetable dishes. Ethiopians use paprika in a spice paste called ‘berbere’. And in Tunisia, paprika is used in couscous dishes and on marinated chicken served during the holy month of Ramadan.


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