What type of Paprika to Buy?

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:2 November 2018 

 It seems there are as many variations of Paprika as there are varieties of chilli peppers! Flavours range from very mild and smokey, to fiery hot. What type of Paprika to buy really is a case of trial and error, and personal preference. Unless a recipe calls for a particular type, you can safely assume that ‘Sweet’ Paprika is called for. My research has come up with Hungarian Paprika, Spanish Paprika, Smokey Paprika, Domestic Paprika, Hot Paprika, Rose Paprika, King Paprika and Sweet Paprika. So far!  


It’s a Paprika mine field out there! But, I have established that there are 3 main types of Paprika; Sweet, Hot and Smoked. And, you need to know that Sweet paprika is not actually ‘sweet’. The term ‘sweet’ is used to distinguish it from the ‘smoky’ and ‘hot’ types. However, there are endless variations among these three types, depending on where the peppers are grown, what type of peppers are used, what the soil and the climate are like, and when it was harvested. Clear as mud! 


For chilli lovers, buyers and connoisseurs, there is a chilli heat rating scale. Called the Scoville Heat Scale, or SHU, it’s a rating of the heat factor of chilli peppers. The active ingredient, Capsaisin, makes them hot and healthy. Whilst our Kashmiri Sweet Paprika is very low on the Scoville Heat Scale (1-2,000 SHU), it does still have some heat. 


If you already use Pure Food Essentials spices, you will know that they are considerably more flavoursome than most others on the market. Our Kashmiri Sweet Paprika is no exception. If you like a bit of heat, try a taste from the tip of your pinky. Isn’t it luscious? Full-bodied and delicious? And, these flavours are intensified with cooking. Keep it well-sealed to maintain its zing!


So, I’ve found the Paprika that I prefer. I suggest you toss the old, stale stuff in the pantry, which is likely only good as a garden pest spray now, and find some fresh Paprika. Go for Certified Organic spices, because some are mixed with questionable additives to bulk them up. Check the Best By Date to be sure they are fresh, and buy a brand that you trust, like Pure Food Essentials. Read more...

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