Organic products Calories How Much Calories Does A Samosa Have?

How Much Calories Does A Samosa Have?

How Much Calories Does A Samosa Have
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How many calories in vegetable samosa?

Calories in Vegetable Samosa – Nutrition Facts for Vegetable Samosa In a Vegetable Samosa ( 1 Each (43g) ) there are about 190 calories out of which 144 calories come from fat. The total fat content of 1 Each (43g) Vegetable Samosa is 16 g. Within the fat content, a Vegetable Samosa contains 3 g of saturated fat, 0 g of trans fat, 0 g of polyunsaturated fat and 0 g of monounsaturated fat.

To reduce the risk of heart diseases, it is best to consume items low in cholesterol and the cholesterol count in a 1 Each (43g) Vegetable Samosa is 0 mg. A food item is considered high in fiber if the fiber content is over 5g. A 1 Each (43g) Vegetable Samosa contains about 0 g of fiber. Food items high in fiber are good and come with many health benefits.

High fiber foods help in lowering cholesterol levels. Try to increase your daily fiber intake to at least 30 grams per day. When reading the nutrition facts label also pay close attention to the sodium levels. It’s recommended to limit your daily sodium intake to 2000 mg or 2 grams per day.

  • A single 1 Each (43g) Vegetable Samosa contains about 180 mg of sodium.
  • Sodium causes the body to retain water and a low sodium diet helps in controlling high blood pressure and water build up.
  • Any item containing less than 5 mg of sodium is considered a no sodium item and considered low sodium if the sodium content is below 140 mg per serving.
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Carbohydrates are important for a healthy diet however, you must choose complex carbohydrates such as found in whole grain, pasta, lentils, brown rice, beans, fruits and vegetables, to maintain a good healthy diet. Total carbs in a Vegetable Samosa is 10 (g), 3% of daily value.

  • Sugar in a Vegetable Samosa is about 0 g and the amount of protein in a Vegetable Samosa is approximately 2 g.
  • Please refer to the nutrition facts label seen to the left for a full breakdown of complete nutrition found in a Vegetable Samosa,
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How many calories are in a samosa pie?

Calories In Samosa Pie Calories: 397, Fat: 18g, Carbs: 54g, Protein: 8g, Fiber: 7g. Calories In Baked Vegetable Samosa Calories: 135, Fat: 1g, Carbs: 28g, Protein: 5g, Fiber: 2g. Calories In Samosa Calories: 175, Fat: 9g, Carbs: 21g, Protein: 3g, Fiber: 2g.

How many calories are in a deep fried samosa?

How Many Calories in a Samosa? – Although it depends on what you add to the filling, a typical 100 gram deep-fried samosa containing potatoes and peas is 380 calories and 17 grams of fat. How many carbs in Samosa? There are 32 grams of carbs in a 100 gram samosa.

How many calories does one samosa have?

Calories and nutrition facts of samosa – The main ingredients in a samosa include oil, all-purpose flour, potatoes and peas. On average, a single samosa (100 g) contains about 260 calories. The nutrition facts of samosa are as follows:

Nutrition Value
Carbohydrates 24 g
Sugars 1.6 g
Dietary fibre 2.1 g
Fat 17 g
Trans 0.6 g
Saturated 7.1 g
Sodium 423 mg
Protein 3.5 g
Cholesterol 27 mg
Potassium 189 mg
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You can follow the following tips to burn 260 calories:

50 minutes of moderate cycling 30 minutes of jumping rope 30 minutes of brisk walking

How many calories are in a vegetable?

Vegetable Measurement Calories ; 1. Lettuce : 1 cup (36 g) 5 calories : 2. Spinach: 1 cup (30 g) 7 calories : 3. Celery: 1 cup (100 g) 14 calories : 4. Cucumber