Developing Turmeric Plus

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:31 January 2019 

Developing Turmeric Plus – Our Story

The devlopment of PFE Turmeric Plus came from a passion for growing turmeric, originally as a culinary spice and later for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxident potential. The use of turmeric for skin conditions, for brain health, for gut health, for inflammatory conditions and as a complementary treatment for cancer sufferers continues to grow.


As a farming novice, Peter planted a sample of every fruit tree, every vegetable and every rhizome that appealed to him. The hope was to find something that would thrive and produce a valuable crop on his Sunshine Coast hinterland property.


It was turmeric that thrived. In the early 1990’s turmeric was virtually unknown. Some people had an old pouch of turmeric powder somewhere in their pantry for colouring their dishes. Very few people knew what the turmeric plant looked like or that it would become highly sought after. Peter asked questions and researched. There was more to this plant than he anticipated, finding that it had medicinal as well as culinary benefits.


As his knowledge grew, he became more enthusiastic to grow it on his little farm. Apart from a small turmeric industry in Innisfail, no one seemed to be growing it, and certainly not organically. Finding this unusual new crop was exciting. Even more so when he discovered that it produced a very exotic and long-lasting flower. He sold the freshly dug rhizomes at farmers markets and to local organic stores. He also sold it in pots, around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, and he sold the flowers to florists.


Turmeric took Peter to India, where he witnessed centuries-old growing practices, sampled its use in Indian cooking, and learned about its use in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Even though turmeric had taken him on this discovery tour of India, he became interested in the spice industry generally and made valuable contacts with communities of organic growers and processors across northern India.

Pure Food Essentials was born, and has since supplied organic spices and wholefoods across Australia. 


As Peter’s knowledge of spices and whole foods grew, so too did his interest in food as medicine. More and more research was being done on turmeric internationally, and it was proving to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Wanting to fully utilize his new knowledge, Peter launched into a new turmeric project, working with Australian biochemists to develop Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid.


PFE Turmeric Plus is produced as a herbal extract. It has been registered as a therapeutic supplement with Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration and offers a concentrated dose of the turmeric rhizome. PFE Turmeric Plus offers support for our natural body systems, and relief for people with inflammatory conditions.  


Back in the early 1990s, turmeric was just a cheap substitute for saffron. Almost 30 years later, Pure Food Essentials continues to import the best of India's culinary and medicinal spices and whole foods. PFE Turmeric Plus was developed out of a passion for both turmeric and optimum health.