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What Is Curry Leaves Good For?

What Is Curry Leaves Good For
Curry Leaves for Eye Health: –

  • Curry leaves are rich in carotenoid-containing vitamin A, thereby reducing the possibility of damage to the cornea. The deficiency of vitamin A can cause eye disorders, including night blindness, vision loss, and cloud formation. Thus, the leaves keep the retina safe and protect against loss of vision.
  • Is drinking curry leaves water benefits?

    Curry leaves or kaddi patta tea is extremely popular in south India, and is now becoming the hot favourite of many people across the country. Not only is the tea easy and quick to make, but it also offers plenty of benefits. Curry leaves are easily available, no matter where you live in the country.

    1. Apart from adding tadka with kaddi patta, make a cup of tea with this herb for yourself today because curry leaf benefits your whole body! HERE’S HOW TO MAKE CURRY LEAF TEA: Take around 25-30 leaves, and wash them with fresh water.
    2. In a pan, boil a cup of water.
    3. Turn off the gas, and then add the leaves.

    Let the leaves stay in the boiling water, until the colour of the water changes. Strain the tea, and pour it in a cup Here’s how this miraculous tea benefits you: 1. IT IMPROVES YOUR DIGESTION Ayurveda suggests that curry leaves have mild laxative properties and digestive enzymes that can improve your bowel movement, thereby aiding digestion.

    1. From treating constipation and gas to diarrhoea, this tea can do it all! Also, read: Here is how you can eat curry leaves for weight loss 2.
    2. IT CONTROLS YOUR BLOOD SUGAR If you’ve been looking for diabetic-friendly tea, then look no further, as curry leaves tea doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels.
    3. Moreover, it helps you control blood sugar levels.
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    Researchers from the Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research, University of Chicago also used curry leaves to reduce blood sugar levels by 45%. So, this tea can very well help you handle your diabetes! Also, read: From gut health to fighting diabetes, here are 8 reasons why you should include dates in your diet 3.

    CAN EASE YOUR NAUSEA If you are pregnant, then this tea can help you reduce morning sickness and nausea. Or, if you suffer from motion sickness, having a cup of curry leaves before or during your journey, can help to ease your nausea. Drinking curry leaves tea can relieve you from vomiting, nausea, and morning sickness.

    Also, read: Feeling stressed? Trust these 5 Ayurvedic foods that’ll make you calmer naturally 4. IT IS A POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT In a study published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, it was found that curry leaves have a significant level of total phenolics and antioxidant properties.

    Being rich in antioxidants, this tea made from curry leaves can help prevent the free radicals from damaging your skin cells. Its antioxidant content also helps to protect the body from any kind of infection and inflammation. So, sip on some curry tea now! 5. IT CAN REDUCE STRESS Curry leaves have a pleasant aroma that can help you relax your nerves, and calm you down by relieving stress.

    So, if you have had a long tiring day at work, trust a cup of curry leaves tea to ward off your stress and tension. So, make yourself a cup of curry tea for yourself and relax! (This story was originally published on )

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    Does curry leaves reverse GREY hair?

    7 Amazing Powerful Benefits of Curry Leaves for Hair Growth, Weight Loss, Immunity, Skin Care & More

    – Graying hair is a common process. It’s typically been thought that half the global population has about 50 percent gray hair by age 50 — though a 2012 survey of 4,192 people suggested a much lower rate. Aside from aging, a few health conditions and nutritional deficiencies can cause white or gray hair to develop prematurely.

    For the most part, when you turn gray usually comes down to genetics. Hair color doesn’t change after it sprouts from your scalp. The color originates in the follicle. You get the first glimpse of a gray or white hair when it replaces a lost strand. This happens due to loss of melanin. Other than coloring your hair, there’s no way to turn gray hair back to its original color.

    Any change would have to restore pigment deep within the hair follicles. The theory is that because curry leaves contain valuable antioxidants and B vitamins, they might have some effect on melanin production in the hair follicles. Whether curry leaves can act as a gray hair remedy hasn’t been scientifically validated, however.

    Can curry leaves lower blood sugar?

    Diabetes prevention: Curry leaves for diabetes management – Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal says, “Regular consumption of curry leaves is an effective remedy to control high blood sugar levels. Curry leaves are power-packed with many antioxidants, particularly flavonoids. These flavonoids preventing metabolism of starch into glucose inside the body, thus helping with blood sugar control.” Blood sugar control is an important part of managing diabetes Photo Credit: iStock These leaves also possess anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. “Curry leaves are known to naturally boost insulin activity, an important action to control high blood sugar levels.