Get Turmeric Benefits in a Summer Spritzer

Date Posted:30 October 2018 

Turmeric Plus is a pleasant tasting supplement and because it’s a liquid, it can be taken many ways. You just need a teaspoonful per dose, taken once, twice or three times a day depending on your need and your medical professional’s advice. It’s powerful stuff, so don’t overdo it, no matter how good the flavour!


Take it as a Summer Spritzer!

Add a teaspoon of Turmeric Plus to soda water, a squeeze of lime or lemon and a sprig of mint and grated ginger on hot summer nights. It’s refreshing, and therapeutic!


Add it to your juice

Orange and lemon, cranberry and apple, ginger and mint? Turmeric Plus will add a tasty twist to any of the combinations you can come up with.

Add it to your morning smoothie

If brekkie is a rocket blender affair and you drink it on the run, just add your dose to that. Although it’s ideal to take Turmeric Plus away from food to allow your body to fully absorb it, it’ll still do its job.


Take it diluted

This is the most popular way to have it. 1 teaspoon in a little, or a lot, of water. The more you dilute it, the less it will colour your mouth. Any staining will disappear after you eat or drink. It works as an effective anti-inflammatory for your mouth as well. So, if you have gum problems, or just want an effective mouth wash, gargle with your Turmeric Plus before you swallow.


Take it straight

As an herbal formula, it’s in an alcohol base, so you’ll feel the Turmeric Plus doing its work if you take it straight. This can be a little messy because of the yellow pigment and you’ll have a yellow tongue for a while. And, it’ll leave some oily residue on anything it touches, so have a special glass and spoon for your daily dose.


Turmeric Plus is powerful stuff. However you choose to take it, you’ll notice the difference in your joint function and level of pain.