How Much Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid Should You Take?

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:18 March 2019 


How much Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid supplement you should take? One of the great benefits of using a liquid formula is that dosage can be finely tuned for everyone. But what’s the correct dosage for your needs? Taking the correct dosage of any medication depends on your very individual need. These recommendations are a guide only. You should check with your health professional to work out what’s best for your circumstances.


Recommended Adult Dosage

I teaspoon(5ml) in half a glass of water 1-3 times daily, half an hour before meals (on an empty stomach), or as recommended by your Healthcare Professional.




Dosage Explained…


5ml is one level teaspoon. In every 5 ml of Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid, you are getting the equivalent of 1500mg of pure turmeric extract. This is a powerful dose when compared to tablets or capsules. A lot more punch can be packed into a liquid formula.

Half a glass of water will dilute the formula so that it is very mild in flavour. At this dilution, there will be no residual yellow colour left in the mouth. If, like most people, you like the flavour, then less water, or even undiluted is fine.

1-3 times Daily If you are having a crisis, and your need is great, then taking Turmeric Plus 3 times per day is recommended. As your need reduces, so can your dose. 1 daily dose (1500mg) of Turmeric Plus is recommended for maintenance.

Half an hour before meals (on an empty stomach) To maximise absorption, it is better to take Turmeric Plus away from food. However, if it’s easier to add it to your morning juice or smoothie, then do it.


Consult your healthcare professional whenever you add a dietary supplement to your health regime. Dietary supplements like Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid formula are powerful therapies that can impact on other medications. Health professionals are well-educated about drug interactions and can advise you on appropriate dosages for your individual needs.


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