Natural Medicines Integrating into Pharmacies

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:1 November 2018 

Integrating Natural Medicines into Pharmacies

Supporting human biological systems with natural medicines and therapies like Turmeric Plus is a trend being adopted by increasing numbers of people the world over. Consumers in the search for better health and quality of life are driving medical professionals across all fields to increase their knowledge and to advise on complementary medicine alternatives. 


Complementary medicines, and vitamin and mineral supplements are now gracing the shelves of entire sections of pharmacy stores, which were once the realm of the big drug companies.


PGFE Turmeric Plus is recognised by an increasing number of health professionals and pharmacists. It is being recognised as having a valuable role in supporting biological functioning, as well as treating some chronic conditions. When managing your health and balancing medications, it is vital to get professional advice. Pharmacists can advise on drug interactions and possible side effects. A progressive pharmacist will have a finger on the pulse of the latest research and be able to guide you well.


As science-led specialists, pharmacists are looking to scientific-based research. They also refer to the  Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recommendations when advising customers on the suitability of natural medicines in the management of health conditions. Australia‚Äôs TGA is the body responsible for regulating all complementary medicines. They are one of the most rigorous systems in the world, with strict manufacturing and ingredient guidelines.


Turmeric Plus has a unique TGA identifying number which distinguishes it from imported or non-compliant products.