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Natural Turmeric Paste

The best way to get the health benefits of turmeric is to eat it in your meals regularly. Turmeric Paste is a convenient and mess-free alternative to cooking with fresh turmeric root. Keep it in the fridge and add a healthy tablespoon to curries, stir-fries, soups, slow cooked meals and marinades. Whole turmeric roots have been pureed and blended with vinegar, acidic acid, oil and a little salt to keep it stable. With no artificial fillers or colours added, Turmeric Paste is a natural way to eat turmeric daily.



Cooking with Turmeric Paste

• Add Turmeric Paste to cooking in the beginning stages of your dish for the fullest flavour.

• Toss a generous spoonful of Turmeric Paste to stews and stir fries.

• The earthy taste of turmeric goes well with pork, fish and chicken.

• Add Turmeric Paste to your marinades. Try this Haldi Seared Chicken recipe on a pork fillet instead.

• Add Turmeric Paste to the beginnings of stir fries, after onions and garlic and ginger have softened.

• Add Turmeric Paste to your curry dish just before the dried spices to ensure a well-rounded base for the main ingredients.



Turmeric Paste Recipes


Besan and Vegetable Balls in Tomato Sauce


Black Pepper Paneer

Goat Curry

Chicken Biryani in A Slow Cooker






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Love this paste

By: on 14 September 2018
Turmeric paste on toast topped with avocado makes a delicious, nutritious start to my day. Love it!

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