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Black Mustard Seeds

Black mustard is one of many varieties of mustard seeds used as natural food flavouring, especially in Indian and South Asian meals. Varieties range from white to black, with black being the hotter and more flavourful. 


How to use mustard seeds

When you cook an Indian recipe from scratch, black mustard seeds are one of the first ingredients you’ll add to the pot. Tasteless and odorless otherwise, the intense smell and flavour of black mustard seeds is released on contact with liquids and heat. Be careful when adding them to hot oil because they will pop and splutter! They make up part of the base flavour of your curry dish, adding a pungent spiciness.

Black mustard seeds are often used in fermented foods like pickles and chutneys, largely due to their antimicrobial properties. 


The yellow mustard condiment that forms the base of popular honey mustard dressing is made from a different, much lighter-coloured seed, related to black mustard, but milder.


See here for recipe ideas.

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