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Chilli Pepper

This chilli powder is made from chilli peppers that are quite spicy hot. Now this is fresh, organic, 100% chilli powder; harvested, dried and bagged quickly after harvest so that it retains its potency. On the spiciness scale, at 19,200 SHU (Scoville Heat Units) you’ll find it hotter than most commercial chili powders.

When it’s time to replace your stale old chilli powder, don’t just bin it. Add it to water in a spray bottle and use it as an insect repellant!


Cooking with Chilli Pepper

When you’re cooking with potent ingredients, it’s good to use what you’re familiar with, because then you can confidently whip up a chilli con carne, or a biryani, or a batch of chilli chocolate with just the right amount of heat for those sharing the meal. So, until you know the spiciness of this chilli pepper powder, perhaps start gently with about half the quantity required for your recipe.  If it’s too mild, you can always add more. Taking it out if it’s too hot is impossible!  


Chilli Recipes

Chicken Biryani


Fenugreek Seeds with Potatoes

Goat Curry

Bengali Broccoli with Dal and Fenugreek



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