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Cardamom Powder

Cardamom can be used whole, but when the plump, fibrous cardamom pod is opened, multitudes of tiny black seeds are released. When these seeds are ground to a powder, they have an intense, spicy-sweet flavour. Cardamom is one of the healthiest and most aromatic of spices, used in savoury and sweet dishes and drinks all over the world. Such a beautiful spice really should be experimented with.


Cooking with Ground Cardamom

Ground Cardamom is a vital component of ras el hanout, a complex and distinctive blend of spices used in African poultry, meat, rice and couscous dishes. Half a teaspoon of cardamom powder in plunger coffee gives the brew a hint of Middle Eastern ‘gahwa’ and added to black tea leaves is reminiscent of the aromatic chai of India.  Cardamom adds its unique flavour to most mulled wine and eggnog recipes and Scandinavian desserts like apple pie and strudel use cardamom as well as cinnamon and cloves for a more complex flavour.  Add it to your stewed fruits for a twist on the classic.

Try this cardamom-laced cream - it is heavenly. It demonstrates that cardamom spice can be used in modern Australian cooking to achieve an exotic flavour.


Health Benefits of Cardamom

One of the healthiest and most aromatic spices on the planet, green cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum) is from the same family of plants as ginger and turmeric. Native to India, Nepal and South-East Asia, the health benefits of cardamom have made it a valuable spice for traditional medicines and modern herbal medicine.


Ground Cardamom Recipes

Cardamon Cream

Cardamom and Clove Pear Cake with Homemade Custard

Festive Stone Fruit wirh Gluten Free Walnut Crumble and Cardamom Cream




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