Organic Ground Cloves

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Ground Cloves

Ground clove spice is the ground, unripe flower buds of the clove tree. Ground clove powder adds a warm, sweet and aromatic flavour to food, but don’t be heavy-handed because the flavour of is very overpowering.


Cooking with Cloves

Used sparingly, ground cloves will blend beautifully with the other flavours of your dish. Add it to gingerbread, pumpkin pie and fruit pies and with meats in stews and marinades. It’s an essential ingredient in Chinese Five Spice mix and Pumpkin Spice mix and Middle Eastern ‘baharat’ spice blend.


Clove Recipes

Classic Gingerbread

Cardamom and Clove Pear Cake with Homemade Custard

Berbere Spice Blend



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