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Licorice or liquorice has a sweet, anise flavour and is an ingredient in Chinese Five Spice. A pinch of licorice powder is great in savoury dishes, baking and in dessert sauces like custard. Used for flavouring tobacco and tobacco products, it is probably more commonly thought of as an ingredient in sweets like licorice allsorts. While this was the case in the past it is not so prevelant in the modern products. Approxomately 90% of the worlds crop is used by the tobacco industry. The rest is used for culinary purposes and in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the kitchen it has a lot of potential worth investigating. It works particularly well with pork and game, whilst being an interesting addition in desserts like panna cotta and ice cream.  


Like most spices the health benefits of licorice are many.

  • IKt is derived from licorice root. It contains glycyrrhizin, which makes it a healthy alternative to sugar for weight watchers and diabetics.
  • In Chinese medicine it is used to "harmonise" a formula's ingredients.
  • Used for digestive problems including stomach ulcers, heartburn, colic and gastritis
  • It has shown antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective and blood pressure increasing properties


  • Consumption should not exceed 70 to 150 g per day
  • Licorice should not be used during pregnancy.

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Licorice. Naturally Sweet

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