Organic products Organic Products Why Steph Curry Is Not On Team Usa?

Why Steph Curry Is Not On Team Usa?

Why Steph Curry Is Not On Team Usa
Both Stephen Curry and Draymond Green spoke with the media, nearly at the same time. Green was in Las Vegas, practicing with Team USA, preparing for Tokyo. Curry? He was also in Nevada — on the shores of Lake Tahoe at the American Century Championship golf tournament.

“Me and Steph have a great understanding,” Green said, “which is part of our chemistry, which is part of our relationship. I understand him. I don’t need to push him to play for Team USA because I already know the reasons why, and I don’t need to try to come in between those reasons. I asked him was he playing.

He said, ‘No.’ That was the end of the conversation.” The reasons? Perhaps they can best be summed up with one umbrella reason. Curry opted against joining Green on Team USA because he’s feeling good. Good about the season he just had. Good about his body and health.

  • Good about the Warriors ‘ chances moving forward.
  • If you want to know how good, consider this.
  • Curry has never played in the Olympics,
  • He was either not selected (2012) or not healthy (2016).
  • But for Tokyo, he both had a roster spot waiting for him and was healthy enough to take it.
  • Yet, he was at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, practicing for this weekend’s annual golf tournament — and getting KO’d by Canelo Álvarez in shadow boxing — instead of playing with Team USA.

“It just wasn’t right for me,” Curry said. “Very confident in that decision. No regrets at all. Obviously being here, playing golf, having fun with my family — that’s a personal thing. But there’s always that itch to play and play on the biggest stage, like the Olympics.

But it just wasn’t the right thing for me and the right time.” The MVP-level performance from this past season changed some paradigms and confirmed some things. The Warriors are, at minimum, adding Klay Thompson and two highly talented rookies. That figures to be enough to put them in the mix for the top half of the Western Conference.

And Curry doesn’t want to risk that. If anything, the 2020-21 campaign has proven how injuries can change landscapes for entire franchises. Curry, who will turn 34 late next season, chose to maximize his chances for Larry O’Brien over a gold medal. Why Steph Curry Is Not On Team Usa Curry turned 33 in March and still led the league in scoring. With the Warriors poised to be stronger next year and Curry due an extension soon, he has reason to take it easy. (Kyle Terada / USA Today) There is also the matter of his next contract. Curry is eligible for an extension up to four years and worth up to $215.4 million.

An injury playing in the Olympics not only jeopardizes the season, but it also could put a sizeable dent in his expected extension. The Warriors will probably sign him anyway, this summer or next summer. But remember, Curry has already been in the position of taking less money because of injury concerns.

In 2012, he signed a four-year, $44 million deal with the Warriors. Ankle issues that led to offseason surgery left a question mark over his career that suppressed his value. He opted for long-term security and it ended up being one of the great bargains in the modern salary cap era.

No question Curry wants to sit down with Warriors’ brass having as bargaining chips 32 points per game at 33, playing nearly 90 percent of the schedule and zero injuries to manage moving forward. (His presence at the golf tournament means the broken tailbone is healed, right?) “Coming off of this season and the condensed schedule, the protocols and, obviously, where I’m at my career,” Curry said, “I do value the offseason.

And I am working out back on the court. But to try to go out and play, you know, there’s a lot that can happen. I respect every single guy that goes and plays and I wish them, obviously, all the success and a gold medal to show for it.” What last season did for Curry, which he said repeatedly, was remove the anticipated end of his prime.

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He expects to be at his peak powers for several years, so much so he pushed back all season on talk of how long he has left at the top. Watching Chris Paul play so well at 36 has no doubt confirmed Curry’s vision of being at the top of his game into his mid-to-late 30s. That means the 2024 Olympics in Paris is a real possibility — and presumably in a safer environment than the Tokyo Olympics, which just banned fans because of a local surge in the coronavirus.

If it all goes according to his plan, Curry did not just pass up his last opportunity for the Olympics. But what he wasn’t going to pass up was a potential run at a title. There has been perhaps no greater factor in these playoffs than health. The Lakers, the Brooklyn Nets, the Clippers, all among the championship favorites, were doomed by injuries to stars.

  • Throw Utah in that mix.
  • Nearly every team has been impacted, including the teams in the Finals.
  • The Suns, who have had Paul playing through injury, lost Dario Šarić to an ACL injury in Game 1 and Torrey Craig went down in Game 2.
  • The Bucks sure could use guard Donte DiVincenzo, who was lost for the postseason.

And the Bucks and Suns have been the least impacted by injury. With the NBA schedule returning to normal next season, meaning training camp starts in late September, it stands to reason the healthiest team will have a good chance next season as well. “I mean, you take everything into account,” Curry said.

Is Stephen Curry not playing for Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics?

Stephen Curry and Donovan Mitchell opt out of Team USA in Tokyo Olympics Team USA Basketball is looking to be a phenomenal side ahead of the Olympics. Big names like Kevin Durant and James Harden have all committed to play for the team. But according to a few sources, it has been reported that Warriors star Stephen Curry will not be part of Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics.

What is Stephen Curry doing in Las Vegas?

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry has ‘no regrets at all’ about not playing for Team USA at Tokyo Olympics Jul 8, 2021 SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Nev. – As many of the top NBA players converged in Las Vegas this week to begin training with Team USA for the Tokyo Olympics, guard is in another part of Nevada competing in a different sport.

Curry, who is participating in this weekend’s American Century Championship golf tournament, offered his first public explanation Thursday on why he’s in Lake Tahoe and not Sin City. “It was a hard decision,” Curry said. “Coming off of this season and the condensed schedule, the protocols and obviously where I’m at in my career, I do value the offseason, and I’m working back on the court, but to try to go and play and there’s just a lot that could happen.

I respect every single guy that goes and plays that’s out there in Vegas and I wish them all the success and a gold medal to show for it. “It just wasn’t right for me. And I’m very confident in that decision. No regrets at all. Obviously being here I’m playing golf, having fun with my family. “You take everything into account,” Curry said. “I take how I’m feeling physically, mentally, what’s happening around the league, all those things, it’s not one specific reason or a part of it, but just knowing at the end of the day do I want to play or not? And the answer was no at the end of the day.

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Curry has won a pair of gold medals playing for Team USA in the world championships but was unable to participate in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro because he was recovering from knee and ankle injuries.”There’s always that itch to play and play on the biggest stage like the Olympics, but it just wasn’t the right thing for me and the right time,” Curry said.Team USA opened its training camp in Las Vegas on Tuesday and is set to play seven exhibitions there against other Olympic teams before departing for Tokyo later this month.

Curry is in Lake Tahoe with his father, Dell, and brother, Seth, both of whom are also playing in this weekend’s tournament along with more than 80 other celebrities and athletes. It’s Curry’s ninth appearance in the annual tournament while Dell is on No.7 and Seth is making his debut.

Curry has finished fourth in the tournament three times, including in 2020. The Curry family is the first to have three members participating at the same time in the tournament’s 32-year history, according to a spokesman. “As avid golfers, you never can play enough,” Dell Curry said. “And as a dad you can never play enough with your two sons.

You love the game, too. That’s why we look forward to this week.” : Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry has ‘no regrets at all’ about not playing for Team USA at Tokyo Olympics

How many FIBA World Cups has Stephen Curry played?

Has Stephen Curry Ever Played In The Olympics? – Surprisingly, Stephen Curry has never played in the Olympics, He had committed to playing last year before the Olympic Games were postponed due to the pandemic. Now, he’s not likely to ever be featured in one, as he’ll be 37 when the next Games come.

What happened to Steph Curry’s hand?

Stephen Curry will not be on U.S. Olympic men’s basketball roster Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry will not be on the U.S. Olympic men’s basketball roster, his coach, Steve Kerr, confirmed Monday. “I think it makes perfect sense, actually. Steph has so many demands on his time.

  1. He has to play so hard for so much of the season,”,
  2. He’s 180 pounds. He’s,
  3. He needs rest.
  4. I’m happy for Steph that he’s going to get plenty of rest and family time this summer, and he’ll be ready to go come training camp in September.” Curry declined an invitation,, citing a source with knowledge of the situation earlier on Monday.
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Curry, a two-time NBA MVP, is the most accomplished player in the world yet to suit up at an Olympics. He was on the 2010 and 2014 FIBA World Cup teams but was not among 20 finalists for the 2012 Olympic team. Curry withdrew from 2016 Olympic consideration two months before the Rio Games, citing several reasons, including knee and ankle injuries.

  1. In 2019, Curry broke his left hand in the season’s fourth game on Oct.30, a month after saying he planned on the Tokyo Games.
  2. He returned in March and played one game before being sidelined by the flu and the Warriors season ending due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Through this past season, Curry said he was undecided on Tokyo.

The Warriors missed the playoffs, giving their players more time to rest before potentially playing in the Olympics.

Elsewhere, it has been reported the following players have made themselves available for Olympic roster selection: Kevin Durant (Brooklyn Nets forward) James Harden (Brooklyn Nets guard) Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers guard) Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers forward) Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat center) Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards guard) Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns guard) Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors forward) Jrue Holiday (Milwaukee Bucks guard) Khris Middleton (Milwaukee Bucks foward) Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics forward)On June 3, LeBron James promoted his upcoming movie when asked if he will play at the Tokyo Olympics after his Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs.

“I think I’m going to play for the Tune Squad this summer instead of the Olympics,” James, referencing “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” before later smiling in his answer. “I think that’s what my focus on, trying to beat the Monstars, or the Goon Squad we call them now.

  • So, didn’t have much success versus the Suns, so now I am gearing my attention to the Goon Squad here in July, mid-July.” Teammate Anthony Davis is also reportedly not expected to be on the team.
  • Davis has not spoken publicly about his Olympic intentions.
  • USA Basketball has not confirmed any of the players that will be on the roster.

Olympic team selection is complicated this year by the late end to the NBA season. The conference finals are currently happening. The Opening Ceremony is July 23. USA Basketball will hold a male player training camp and exhibition games from July 6-18 — during the playoffs — but hasn’t said whether camp participation will be mandatory for Olympic participation.

USA Basketball hasn’t announced when it plans to name its Olympic men’s roster. The IOC said last week that USA Basketball has been granted an exception, after a petition, to enter the names of its Olympic male and female basketball players up to one week after the sport entries deadline of July 5. Athletes can be replaced from a list of 24 players per gender up until the day before the start of the men’s and women’s Olympic tournaments, according to FIBA, which said that its overall regulations have not been changed for these Games: for all nations, a list of 24 players (from which the final 12 must come) must be submitted by July 18 for the men and July 19 for the women.

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