Natural Insect Repellant

Author: Michelle Scott   Date Posted:18 November 2019 

Using a natural fly repellant

In my search for more and more natural ways to keep the chemicals out of my house, I came across a great idea for a natural fly repellent, so if you are like me and love to spend time with your house wide open and sitting on the outside rather than the inside you might like to try this too.



2-3 fresh lemons or limes
Whole cloves



Cut the lemons or (limes) in half and stud each of the cut halves with the spikey end of the whole cloves. Cloves have a strong smell so how many you use is a personal choice, but I would recommend at minimum of 8-10 cloves for each half. I like to use as many as I can fit!

TIP: There is nothing worse than sitting down to an enticing, lovingly prepared meal only to have a fly land in the middle of it. Place three or four of the cut lemons and cloves on your dinner table and enjoy your meal and your company!!


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