Turmeric Caramel Sauce with Crisp Pork Belly

Author: Matt Yurko   Date Posted:22 January 2019 

Chef Matt Yurko has created this simple turmeric caramel glaze that is heavenly! Whether you choose to eat pork belly, or prefer chicken or even tofu, this gluten-free Turmeric Caramel Sauce is very special indeed. It features Turmeric Paste, made from fresh turmeric root, giving this dish spectacular colour and flavour. 


Turmeric Caramel Sauce


1 tbsp Turmeric Paste
250 g palm sugar
2 tbsp fish sauce
5 tbsp lime juice
1 sick lemongrass
3 kaffir lime leaves
3 tbsp water 



Place all ingredients in a small pot and boil for 6 minutes on high.  Remove from heat and strain out the lemongrass and lime leaf.  Put sauce aside.


Pork Belly

Take 500g cooked pork belly and cut into cubes.  Cook these cubes over a flat grill or frying pan until crispy and well browned.  Transfer to a serving bowl and spoon over as much of the caramel as you like.  
To serve, garnish with sesame seeds, sliced red chilli and spring onion.



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