Natural, Gluten-free Playdough

Author: Shelley Bennetts  

Natural, Gluten-free Playdough Recipe for the whole family

Making your own playdough is easy-peasy and doesn’t take long. This recipe is gluten-free, so everyone can play! 



1 cup rice flour, or a blend of your choice1/2 cup arrowroot flour/starch
½ cup salt
1 tbsp cream of tartar
2 tsps oil (olive, coconut, macadamia)
1 cup warm water (coloured, if desired)


Making Playdough

Combine dry ingredients in a small saucepan. Add oil and water. Stir together. Cook on medium heat for 3 minutes until it forms a ball. Remove from the heat and place the ball onto a clean surface

When it is cool enough, knead the ball until it becomes smooth.

Store in an airtight container.


Want different colours? 

Here are some easy-peasy natural dyes to create a range of colours. These will require boiling the fruits or vegetables and then straining the liquid when the desired colour is achieved. Use the liquid instead of the cup of warm water.

Red – Beetroot juice, mulberries
Blue – Shredded purple cabbage
Green – Spinach
Yellow – Turmeric fresh or powder


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