Sweet Potato, Coconut and Turmeric Soup

Author: Matt Yurko - The Canape Project  

Sweet Potato, Coconut and Turmeric Soup


900 g peeled and cubed sweet potato
1 onion (200g) cut into a rough dice
2 tbsps garlic
2 tbsps sesame oil
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp crushed chilli
100g butter
1 tbsp of sugar – palm, coconut or brown
1 tin (400ml) coconut cream
400ml water or coconut water
3 tbsps fish sauce
3 tbsps turmeric paste
1/2 tbsps crushed ginger
1 tbsp lemon juice



Place a medium sized pot over a medium heat.  Add sesame oil, onions, chilli, garlic, butter, cumin and cook a few minutes till fragrant.  Add sugar, sweet potato, coconut cream and water and cook gently for 3o minutes with a lid on the pot.  Add the fish sauce, turmeric paste, ginger and lemon juice….. puree with a stick blender.  Adjust seasoning to your own liking with salt and pepper.  Garnish with coconut cream, sesame oil, spring onion slices.




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