The Spotlight is on Dietary Supplements and Complementary Medicines

Date Posted:21 February 2017 

Consumers are challenging many of the products produced and endorsed by big pharmaceutical companies. And people are getting off the pharmaceutical roller-coaster in droves. Drugs designed to ‘make us well again’ are being replaced by ‘stay healthy’ alternatives. The spotlight is on dietary supplements and complementary medicines which promise to support our natural biological systems. For many people, these are replacing pharmaceutical drugs which are designed to treat the symptoms of illness. Following the recent ABC Four Corners program, ‘Swallowing It’, the spotlight is on an industry that is challenging the way we traditionally deal with our health. PFE Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid supplement is a complementary product that sits confidently alongside pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs.


As record numbers of consumers move from ‘illness’ drugs, towards ‘health maintenance products’, we do need reliable sources of information. Pharmacists and medical specialists are having to educate themselves on complementary products because consumers are demanding it. We need more information about vitamins and complementary medicines in order to make good choices. However, most scientific trials, and information on new products is provided by pharmaceutical companies. And it’s not in their interests to do trials, or provide information on therapeutic products that they have not developed, or have no chance of patenting.


TGA Spotlights Complementary Medicines

Perhaps, as the Four Corners program suggested, many Australians do have very expensive urine. But it’s a result of consumer demand for alternatives to the pharmaceutical drug roller-coaster. Now, dietary supplements and complementary medicines are under the Australian Health Department microscope.  The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the body responsible for ensuring the availability of safe, effective and high quality therapeutic products to the Australian public. Now, the move is on to better regulate an exploding market. 


PFE Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid supplement is a TGA ‘Listed’ product. Click here for more information. We welcome the spotlight. Better information on dietary supplements and complementary medicines is necessary for the public good.