So, You are Suffering Pain from Inflammation?

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:18 December 2018 

So, you are suffering pain from inflammation? You could keep swallowing those anti-inflammatory tabs that make you feel so wretched. Sure, the pain goes away for a time, and you can have another in 4 hours, but you know they are not good for you long-term. The side-effects of many pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs are nasty, and can just add to the problems you already have. Drugs certainly have their place in the treatment of many painful conditions. But, if you could relieve the pain from inflammation by substituting at least some of those doses with a product that has no side effects, would you?


Turmeric’s effects are proven!!

Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid supplement offers you that! The anti-inflammatory effects of Turmeric are no longer old wife’s tales or alternative quackery. Science has proven that the active components of the turmeric spice, the curcuminoids, are at least as good as any of the pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs available. Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid supplement is an effective anti-inflammatory. The liquid formula contains C3Complex, which is a concentrated and standardised extract of the curcuminoids from the spice turmeric.


Curcumin is now well known to reduce the pain and stiffness associated with rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis and bursitis. Inflammation is our body’s natural response to infection and injury. All of that extra blood being pumped to the painful area is a protective response to injury and infection. But, the resulting redness, swelling, heat and pain can cause a loss of function in the involved tissues. If that inflammation persists and remains untreated, it may become chronic. Unmanaged inflammation can have severe effects on your energy levels, mental performance and overall well-being. But, I’m sure you already know that.


Be informed about the best Turmeric supplement for you.

There are so many turmeric anti-inflammatory products now on the market. Choosing one that will deliver the relief you need requires some investigation. You could pop another pill or capsule, or you could choose based on price. A liquid formula has many advantages, but it’s wise to make your choice based on reputation and adherence to best practice. Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid Formula is an Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Listed medicine. If you suffer from a long-term, inflammatory condition, it may be time to try Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid. And, if you have concerns about your anti-inflammatory drugs, it’s definitely time to look into a natural alternative without the nasty side-effects.


Please speak with your health specialist about adding any complementary medicines to your therapeutic regime, as some can interact with your other medications.