Supplements. Your Choice Should Be About More Than Price

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:8 March 2019 

The recommended retail price for Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid supplement is $39.95 for 200ml, and $24.95 for 100 ml. But your choice should be about more than price. It should be about what is going to provide you with the best support for your biological systems, and help to lift you out of your pain. Turmeric Plus contains Curcumin C3 Complex, a well-documented and researched turmeric formula. Each dose contains 1500mg of powerful, readily absorbed Turmeric extract.


Don’t Choose on Price Alone

But the question, ‘how does the price of Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid compare with tablets and capsules?’ also needs to be considered. There are a confusing number of Turmeric supplements on the market, all different, and all offering varying value for money. Firstly, PFE Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid sits very comfortably alongside other turmeric products for price. But most of the turmeric supplements available are in tablet or capsule form. Click here to read about the advantages of a liquid formula.


The other question niggling to be answered is ‘How long will my $39.95 bottle last?’ A 200ml bottle contains 40 doses. If your need is great and you are taking 3 doses per day, that bottle will last you 13 days. However, if you are on a maintenance regime, your $39.95 bottle could last for 40 days.  


It’s understandable that you would be concerned about the price of your complementary medicines. But your health is everything! Be sure that you are getting the best supplement for your needs, and that you use the advice of your health professional.