The Whole Turmeric Root is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:18 March 2019 

For thousands of years, traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine have proven the benefits of the turmeric spice for healing and maintaining health.

 Modern science seems focused on isolating specific chemicals from plants to better understand and utilise them. Traditional herbal medicine takes a very different approach. Herbalists believe that the medicinal activity of plants is not due to a single chemical. Rather, it is the combined effect of all its parts. It is also important that the biochemical balance of the plant is maintained, so that the parts work effectively together. PFE’s Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid contains the whole turmeric root, with all the vital parts well-balanced and working in synergy.


In herbal medicine, the synergy between the active components is considered key to the healing power of plants.

No less than 235 compounds have been identified in the whole turmeric root. The most studied of these are the curcuminoids. These can be further divided into three parts; curcumins 1, 2, and 3. In isolation, each of these 3 parts are powerful, and fulfill certain roles. However, when they are combined, as nature intended, they are found to support each other. Likewise, it has been found that when the curcuminoids are isolated from the rest of the plant, they don’t have the same actions as when the whole turmeric root remains intact. And, despite all the modern science, not all parts of the whole turmeric root have been identified or researched.

Other studies have found that curcuminoids decompose very rapidly when they are isolated from the rest of the turmeric root. Whole turmeric root that is powdered, and extracts from the whole turmeric root, are found to be much more stable. Any number of parts of turmeric could be responsible for keeping the curcuminoids stable, but it seems likely to be the synergy of many.


Why Choose PFE Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid?


Our therapeutic turmeric product, PFE Turmeric Plus is different from many others on the market. Whilst it contains a patented curcuminoid extract, C3Complex, this makes up only a part of the volume. Also present, and considered vital to its effectiveness, is an ethanol extract of the whole turmeric root. All the parts of the turmeric root, including those that are not yet understood, make up a large part of PFE Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid.

So, if you are wondering why PFE Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid acts differently to other turmeric products you’ve tried, here’s your answer. Or, if you are wondering why you should choose to use PFE Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid supplement instead of another, here’s your answer:


The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.