Who is Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid good for?

Author: Shelley Bennetts   Date Posted:17 June 2019 

 Who is Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid Good For?

Battles With Inflammation

My 90-year-old mother takes one teaspoon of Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid in a half a glass of water every morning. Taken as a dietary supplement, she’s confident that it helps to ward off the aches and pains of old age. My younger sister recently had knee surgery and the discomfort lingers. She’s waiting for a knee replacement and is taking Turmeric Plus to manage the inflammation and pain. Another sister has Rheumatoid Arthritis and has weaned herself off cortisone steroids because of weight gain and nasty side effects. She’ll use the pharmaceutical drug when the symptoms are severe, but Turmeric Plus keeps her pain manageable, and the inflammation in her joints under control.


My husband Peter, who developed Turmeric Plus with local herbal extract biochemists, had a reappearing, weepy (and undiagnosed) scabby spot on his ear for forty years. Over a period of two weeks, he dabbed a small amount of Turmeric Plus on the spot with a cotton bud twice a day. That was three years ago and it has never reappeared.


These family experiences of using PFE Turmeric Plus Oral Liquid are typical of the stories we hear. A product able to support and boost your natural biological systems is worth being part of your daily health program. Health professionals across all medical fields have new understanding and respect for Curcumin’s effect on inflammatory conditions. Meanwhile, thousands of researchers around the world are working on trials that will prove the effectiveness of turmeric on various inflammatory diseases, skin diseases, pain management and a range of cancers. Until then, we have the old knowledge of ancient medical practice, and our own experiences to rely on.


When you add any turmeric supplement to your health plan, it’s important to consult your medical expert first.    Turmeric, like many spices, is very potent and will impact your body chemistry. Click here to read more on PFE Turmeric Plus.



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